Jewerly boxes,interior dolls, nightlights - unique fantasy creatures, gifts and art objects by Svetoten

Welcome to our workshop!

Perhaps you will find a piece of magic here and find a creature in which there is a heart and soul ...

You will find here amazing, slightly mysterious interior decorations and joy for the soul. Our fantasy creatures - jewerly boxes, nghtlights and interior dolls, will become not only a unique addition to your interior, but also a single-author work with meaning and heart. They will tell their stories from other worlds and mysterious dreams!


How is a creature created?

Each creature is unique.

The method of their creation unites many branches of art, from classical - sculpting, painting, knowledge and skills in the field of design and fine art, to unique and completely new technologies that can surprise and give a piece of magic.

The quality of materials and execution, every detail, texture and shade are selected with attention to the smallest part of the work, so that we can convey the idea as accurate as possible and tell the story of the creature. Creating an amazing creature that will delight for many years, and it is possible, It will live for not one generation in a loving family. I think - this is exactly what every master whos in love with his work, like me, is striving for.

Creating something very special, applying all the knowledge, skills, and experimenting with new interesting discoveries in the work, when each project is lived in the heart, absorbing all love and care that is enclosed, and then transfered to its owner - this is the most important and paramount task.

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