About inspiration

Inspiration constantly surrounds us, need to be able to see, feel it. It is revealed when the artist is in harmony with his world, thoughts, when he knows how to see the beauty around him, in each day. When work is loved and comes from the heart, it becomes a limitless source of inspiration itself!

Vera Ermakova



If you can dream it, you can do it.. (С) Walt Disney


About creatures

Our fantasy creatures - this is a special piece of art, giving you the opportunity to think, seeing an idea - a story, to feel its world and find a response in your soul. Touching and examining the details, elements, to reveal an increasingly accurate picture told by the author, and possibly, with his own heart. Theese are a creatures that will definitely give you magic.

A small detail, rarely visible to the eye, but important for our workshop - is that each creature has its own heart made of stone - a talisman (semiprecious or precious stone according to the choice and desire of the client), sewn inside to keep and bring happiness to its owner, as well as endow creatures with character ...